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Amadora, Portugal ;
Afrikaans ;


Amadora, Portugal ;
Arabic, Egyptian ;

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33, Porto, Portugal ; Purchasing Manager
Portuguese ; Spanish ; English ;
About: I am very open and curious on how other cultures, countries, religions work. My job permits me to travel constantly, and i am looking for people who can guide me through the various places i go to so i can have a true understanding of my surroundings!
Interests: Martial Arts Surf Soccer Reading


25, Porto, Portugal ;
Portuguese ;

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Amadora, Portugal ;
Afrikaans ;

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Amadora, Portugal ;
Afrikaans ;

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Amadora, Portugal ;
Bulgarian ;

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33, Porto, Portugal ; Citisen of the world
Portuguese ;
About: There's a lot to know about me...
Interests: Music, architecture, poetry, travel without destination, friends, farms, vegetarianism, cultures, old bicycles, old cinema...


35, Lisbon, Portugal ; student
Hindi ;
About: you will know when will you meet me
Interests: I love traveling and to make new friends

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Porto, Portugal ;
Portuguese ;

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54, Lisbon, Portugal ; Accountant-Financier
Portuguese ;
About: I am Portuguese man, and I are to search friends for speak and write in English. I would like to change ideas with different cultures of the world. If you think this subject is interesting, please contact me. I wait for you [email protected]
Interests: Sports, Poems, Music,

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Lisbon, Portugal ;
Portuguese ;

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43, Lisbon, Portugal ; Engineer
Portuguese ; English ; French ;
About: I'm a portuguese some-times-traveller (that's a 500 year old tradition here, but I'm just 33). My work is about food chemistry, my wife is psychologist. Kind of old fashion couple, we still use film. No digital foto for the profile. Sorry.
Interests: Photography; Long walks in good museums; crowded markets; Resting my legs in quiet places; Tea; Beer; Jazz; Street food;

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50, Porto, Portugal ; Publicity
English ;
About: Fun loving easy going character with a wicked sense of humour.
Interests: Football,rugby,cinema fine foods & socialising


34, Lisbon, Portugal ; Student
Chinese, Mandarin ; English ; Portuguese ;
About: Chinese guy with sence of humor, fond of music, movies, art, literature and travelling around the world. I choose to go to Lisbon to take my Phd as a interesting phd thesis provided to me. Just want to enjoy our beautiful limited life without limitation on wonderful life experince and make friends all over the world. Anyway, Nice to see u~call me Jason for short:)
Interests: Music~any style if melody they r; movies~I have watched 60%of top 100 IMDB(we can share feeling about nice movies); tourisim~enrich my life experience is one of the most significant purposes I pursue before death; photography~of course, memory is always limited and that's why I like taking pictures anywhere i go; Making friends from all over the world~people are live story&history

I'm a volunteer tour guide, welcome to send me a request. I'm a volunteer local guide, welcome to ask me questions.
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Lisbon, Portugal ;
Portuguese ;


35, Lisbon, Portugal ; militar-student
Portuguese ; Spanish ; German ; Italian ; English ;
About: i am normal easygoing guy special force from army... and i study law. i have a very open mind... and more you will know if we meet us
Interests: rappell, slide.climmbing...futtball,chess,dancing..etc

I'm a volunteer tour guide, welcome to send me a request. I'm a volunteer local guide, welcome to ask me questions.

41, Lisbon, Portugal ; writer, financial advisor
Portuguese ;
About: i just love to travel and meet foreigners.
Interests: travel music spirituality

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77, Porto, Portugal ; Retired
Portuguese ;
About: I had a life which took me to several countries of Europe, and luckily I can communicate, rathert than mynative language (Portuguese), also in Spanish,French,Italian and English. You are quite welcome to write to me in any of these languages. Since I've worked for 45 years in the Portwine trade I know a bit about PORT.
Interests: I am almost interested in everything. I read a lot and do a lot of walking by the sea ( I live 1 mile from the Atlantic ocean) and I might cover something like 1,000 kilometers a year! Apart from that my second interest is thinking.

I'm a volunteer tour guide, welcome to send me a request. I'm a volunteer local guide, welcome to ask me questions.

55, Lisbon, Portugal ; Yoga Instructor, Bodyworker
Portuguese ; English ;
About: vegetarian, non smoker, social drinker, easy going, loves a good laugh, adventurous, ready to explore, meet people, make new friends.
Interests: Yoga, Vedanta, Thai Massage, Ayurveda, and more...

I'm a volunteer tour guide, welcome to send me a request. I'm a volunteer local guide, welcome to ask me questions.

32, Lisbon, Portugal ; student
Portuguese ;
Interests: travel , cinema , natureza, passear etc


49, Lisbon, Portugal ; English teacher
Portuguese ;
Interests: travelling speaking foreign languages meeting people from different cultures

I'm a volunteer tour guide, welcome to send me a request. I'm a volunteer local guide, welcome to ask me questions.

35, Lisbon, Portugal ; Bus Driver
Portuguese ;
About: dreamer!!!
Interests: Music, cinema, art, people, culture...

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31, Lisbon, Portugal ; I work in an insurance company
Portuguese ; English ; French ; Spanish ;
Interests: Animals, travel, photography...

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31, Porto, Portugal ; Journalist
Portuguese ;


34, Lisbon, Portugal ; Hotelary
Portuguese ;

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Porto, Portugal ;
Portuguese ;


36, Lisbon, Portugal ;
Russian ; Portuguese ; English ; Estonian ;
About: I am looking for friends out of my country, for understanding the culture of other countries...
Interests: Painting, Sport, travelling...

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Funchal, Portugal ;
Portuguese ;

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Porto, Portugal ;
Portuguese ;