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46, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia ;
Chinese, Cantonese ;
About: I like to meet people from different country to understand the difference and commonality.
Interests: Interested to travel and explore different culture around the world.

I'm a volunteer tour guide, welcome to send me a request. I'm a volunteer local guide, welcome to ask me questions.

32, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia ;
Japanese ;
About: I'm 23y-old Mongolian boy. I'm living in Ulaanbaatar city.
Interests: music, meeting new people, reeding books, fifa...

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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia ;
Mongolian ;

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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia ;
Mongolian ;

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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia ;
Mongolian ;

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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia ;
Mongolian ;


29, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia ; student
Mongolian ; English ; Korean ;
About: I am a freshman, live in korea. If u contact me u will know me. Can be sure U will like me. I wanna be penpartner with someone who is clever, funny and friendly guys.
Interests: swimming, singing and dancing

I'm a volunteer local guide, welcome to ask me questions.

45, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia ; TEFL
Mongolian ;
About: I think once we was born on this planet as human being we must get to know one each other. It sounds bit difficult to achieve but human dreams are endless too. That our dreams will lead us to there where we want to get. So lets meet one each other and love one each other. As we are on one way train. [email protected]
Interests: traveling, photo, playing pool