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tulip is requesting volunteer guides:

City: Bangkok, Thailand
How many people: 1
Date: 2018/01/29~2018/01/30

Book Brief about the trip:
1 afternoon and 1 day in Bangkok.
It will be my first time in Thailand.
Before coming to Bangkok, I will visit Phuket.
I like to take it easy. I do not like very crowded places very much.
I would prefer female guide.

Preference route or what you prefer to do:
I would love to see the Grand Palace, a famous temple, go on a boat ride and visit unique places. If you have any advise for a theater performance in the evening, then please let me know.
[For Guides]
1. You may book this request even if you're only available for one hour.
2. If you have any question about requests, please comment below.

About Me:

On my trips, I would like to see more of how locals see their city. I can go to the big tourist attractions by myself, but have discovered that often it`s the hidden places that make a city extra special.

My Interests:

travel, good food, theatre

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kevinkruse26 says:
I would like to see the Grand Palace, a known temple, continue a ship ride and visit distinctive places. If you've got any advice for a theater performance within the evening, then please let Maine understand. academic paper tips

Posted at 2017-11-16 16:22