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tiya is volunteering as a local guide:

City: Delhi, India

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i love adventure and travelling around the world.learn new things and culture.

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lanz says:
Hi tiya, I'm fine thanks, how are you?

Posted at 2008-10-06 01:06

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power319 says:
Hi! what can I do for you? Regards from Tokyo (travelling from Holland)

Posted at 2008-07-10 11:03

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yaelg says:
Hey! Thanks for answering. Is there any way you could meet my husband, Dan, and 14 year olds, Natan and Ya'ir, on Feb. 5 at about 16:30 and show them around for the afternoon/evening? In exchange, you can ask them anything you want about Israel, Jews, anything else, and they'll be happy to answer and discuss. And, of course, if you ever visit Israel, you'll have a place to stay and people you know. What do you think?

Posted at 2008-01-13 17:53

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tiya says:

Posted at 2008-01-11 18:09