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rene707 is volunteering as a local guide:

City: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Restricted to evenings and probably some time during weekends... too little for excursions - so be interesting, make it worth my while in advance ! No groups preferably, couples at most - no homosexual men on the prowl.

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About Me:

Family man, working fulltime... I need to get out on the town some more, OK - haha ! Come over and give me a reason :) ! Personality: friendly, relaxed, (self-)ironic - humorous, reflective, down-to-earth, genuine.

My Interests:

Music, photography, graphic arts, sports - cycling, language - learning Italian now, travelling, foreign cultures - interesting, educated and/or talkative sympathetic people

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Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom

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HelenAsh says:
HI Rene Its good to know u r able to be a local guide. Well, have not been to ur part of the world, but it seems lovely! maybe someday I will go visit, but not now! Wow, u hv a hectic schedule plus a family to care for, I know that can b sooooo busy! No worries, I hope u will have more time then!! Hmm, love to learn Italian, can u teach me some? Thanks for ur time to msg me back. I apprec. Actually I love to learn German and French too, that is ur 1st language? I m amazed by yr ability! :) Rene, Take care and hv fun over the weekend :) CheerS ASHLEY

Posted at 2008-08-29 05:03