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ken5smith is requesting volunteer guides:

City: Seoul, South Korea
How many people: 2
Date: 2017/06/22~2017/06/25

Book Brief about the trip:
My wife is from Laos and I American. We traveled once to Seoul on our own and saw many parts of the city. We are very active and from morning to night are on our feet exploring.

This time we thought it may be interesting to explore Seoul with some dynamic energetic locals.
Preference route or what you prefer to do:
We have no plans but like to stay in Seoul, no plans to travel out to other city:

1. See famous historical sites like temples

2. Secret or not so famous historical sites that locals may know

3. See famous site like DMV and Seoul Tower

4. See secret famous site not popular for tourists or in travel books but still famous.

5. See food and shopping markets (seafood market)

6. We love food so experience street food, beer and chicken, kimchi, high class cuisine and normal cuisine

7. We love night life and live music. We are not so much going to clubs unless it is for older people but we love lounges, bars, pubs, roof top bars. If someone is happy to join us at night we love the company and adventure.

8. Visit war museum and look at artillery and weapons.

We are flexible and open to most anything. We like history and cultural heritage. We usually do not like art museums or spend much time in art museums.

We are open to half days with guide or full days.

We do not need guides every day but maybe 22,23 and decide if we need a guide for 24. We remain flexible and open to your suggestions.

[For Guides]
1. You may book this request even if you're only available for one hour.
2. If you have any question about requests, please comment below.

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I grew up in small Wisconsin , a rural state bordering Canada and surrounded by great lakes. I left USA at 20 to travel and work in Asia. My wife is from Laos and we live in Vientiane. I worked for UNited Nations and now for Red Cross and travel the globe. Currently I am in Haiti.

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Traveling, fishing, food and drink

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