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johnoinsf is requesting volunteer guides:

City: Tokyo, Japan
How many people: 3
Date: 2018/04/16~2018/04/27

Book Brief about the trip:
Site seeing, visiting relatives
Preference route or what you prefer to do:
Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka,
[For Guides]
1. You may book this request even if you're only available for one hour.
2. If you have any question about requests, please comment below.

About Me:

I have been a spiritual director since 2000. I am a second-generation Californian and have lived in the Bay Area since 1979. I absolutely loved the Bay Area and California and love to help others to experience some of the hidden and mostly unexplored locales. Please note: I am not much of a night person so trips will be mostly during the day time.

My Interests:

Sight seeing, traveling, walking my dog, running, coffee with friends, being with family, meeting new people.

Location Travelled:

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