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jeff7037 is volunteering as a local guide:

City: Taipei, Taiwan

I'm a volunteer in Taipei, Taiwan.Do you want to close Taiwan?I may be a guide for you.Eating Taiwan snacks, seeing Taiwan monument or going to sea for swimming, I will do my best welcome for you.I available time is weekend in Taiwan.I prefer playing sports and traveling everywhere.Beside, reading,

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I am a native Taiwanese.Our country remain entire Chinese culture.It's like the Imperial Palace of Taipei that differs from the Imperial Palace of Beijing.If you want to know Taiwan, please contracts me.I'm happy to meet you.

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Movie, TV, Travel, Sports, Reading.

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rachelle90 says:
hi (= i'm a singaporean who really loves taiwan,especially taipei. (: although i've not been there before,but i just simply loves the place. Therefore, i really hope to make friends with Taiwanese (:

Posted at 2008-06-06 15:08