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flora0305 is volunteering as a local guide:

City: Seoul, South Korea

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I want to meet many friends in many countries. My English name is Flora Lee. I am not short but not tall, either. I have black eyes and brown hair. I have been to France, Italy, Japan and U.S. I love travels. I went to San Fransisco in U.S 2 months ago. I really liked that place. I live in South Korea. Korea is divided into two territories. People of South Korea, just like me, we enjoy our life and can do whatever we want, but people of North Korea can't. I'm so sad about that. If you want to know about Korea, I can tell you specifically as possible as I can. Send me e-mail ! I'm waiting for your letter.

My Interests:

I love MUSIC, MOVIES and GOSSIP GIRL! Also, I am interested in celebrity. I like sports, too.

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pajero69x says:
hi . i will be in korea on dec 21. but i want to go nami island and yongpyong resort on dec 22. i just hope that u have time to guide me there. if so .pls email me at [email protected] i am a very friendly person. im from hongkong

Posted at 2008-12-02 05:03

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paolo6919 says:
Ciao! If you like you can write me an e-mail.I'm Italian boy. I've never been to South and Korea too.Ciao, Paolo P.s. my e-mail is :[email protected]

Posted at 2008-04-30 19:30