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About Me:

leaving my mother's womb, i chose willingly to live. my thoughts, actions, and future decisions all being shaped by the experiences in my life ... as i got older i found the one thing that would sustain me through life. it was something called a F-A-M-I-L-Y. whether it was my real family, or just a group of friends who grew to be like family, it was something that has brought me through the dark times. as the years went on, and i became more to the person i am today, i learned that i become the most happiest making others happy. i love being the reason of a smile, whether it's a laugh, or just a gentle curve of the lips. with all these experiences slowly became the person i am today ... brave yet scared ... strong yet weak ... smart yet dumb ... all these things i am ... remain simple... and i'm still learning ... hoping to continue this journey with my friends and family by myside ...

My Interests:

traveling, sightseeing, music, movies, basketball, F1 race, football, swimming, tennis

Location Travelled:

Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong

My Journals:

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with ajoomma
Date: 2008/07/30~2008/07/30
City: Seoul, South Korea

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