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Chotirose is volunteering as a local guide:

City: Bangkok, Thailand

available time is 10 am.-5.30 pm.everyday

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About Me:

I am a Buddhist and very fat woman.I can speak English but not very well.I used to learn English Language at English language Institute of Syracuse University,New YorK,USA. in 1982-1983.I graduated bachelor's degree in Public Administration from Kasetsart University, Bangkok in 1982.If you are a old lady come here with your old husband or young lady,come together with your boyfriend but both of you are polite and gentle person,that's OK!

My Interests:

Travelling,Photo,Reading Books,Music,I want to help the old woman(if she come together with her husband,that's OK!) to travel in and around Bangkok Example: Go to Royal Grand Palace (The temple of the Emerald Budda),Wat Po (the temple of reclining budda),and take the ferry across the river to Temple of Dawn,Jim Thompson's house,snake farm,China town,India town,Dusit zoo, the THAI national museum and Vimanmek Palace. You can have a thai dinner and see thai classical dancing at Sawasdee restaurant.I have available time in daytime only.It's my pleasure to take you to shopping.If you want to travel by TUK-TUK(three wheel taxi) ,you have to tell me advance. I like to meet people from different countries,to get a lot of new friends and exchange with their opinions ,I like to learn a new cities, new countries and the new custom from many countries.I want to present and tell about my country and my city to the people from every country to know Thailand in a beautiful and nice way and I feel glad to help the gentle and polite foreigner who want to Visit Bangkok,Thailand.

Location Travelled:

Singapore, Thailand

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Chotirose says:
I can help the tourist to have a sight-seeing in and around Bangkok only. Sorry for travelling far away for Bangkok city, the capital of Thailand. I live in Bangkok and can be volunteer guide only have a sight-seeing in this area only..

Posted at 2008-05-06 15:25

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Chotirose says:
For my safety ,I have to see your picture before.and you have to speak English(can speak,read,write,and listen English language)

Posted at 2008-02-29 07:12