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place. The hinge fixing screws should be fully mounted, straight and hidden in the hinge plane. 2, the door lock slot should be accurate, standardized, the size and lock body, lock the same; door lock installation should be fastened, unlocking no sound; accessories complete, fixed screws should be installed, straight. 3, suction, door closers, handles, etc. should be installed in the specified location, the installation of solid, fixed screws should be installed, straight,

equipped with good effect after the accessories. Fifth, check the appearance of the whole door door installed, should be flat, open freely flexible, the overall effect is good, no scratches. The above content is home to introduce a small series of small wooden door how to install, we hope to be able to help. More knowledge of doors and windows, all in the home decoration network.Strengthen the ecological doors, is very popular in recent years, an indoor door. At

present, the strengthening of ecological doors are still in the development stage, then strengthen the ecological wooden door in the end how? Well okay? Here, may wish to follow Xiaobian to see it. 1, to strengthen the ecological door from the modeling point of view, it broke the wooden door of the traditional manufacturing process, to abandon their own shortcomings, and the steel doors and the advantages of solid wood doors combined. 2, from the functional

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