no rosewood wood forge common problems.

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historical records, the ancient southern region by lignumvitae houses, this is rosewood can not match advantage. Lignumvitae and also the most discernible in the history because of its value is not high, so there are very few fake and shoddy products or substitute, it has no rosewood wood forge common problems. About the difference between rosewood and lignumvitae, in fact more, varies according to its

actual use is different. First, when choosing wood, you should say firstIronwood is a hard wood, ferreous Mesua furniture is China's four famous wood of hardwood furniture of the Ming and Qing dynasties. So how to maintain the hard Ironwood furniture? Xiaobian teach seven maintenance methods, you may wish to learn about. Maintenance method: conform to the people's health exquisite wood furniture and

maintenance conform to human nature, but also adapt to wood, furniture is "bad": every family are northern winter heating, people from heating nearly some very comfortable, but the furniture from heating far, so as to avoid too high temperature caused by excessive wood shrinkage, cracking. Summer has come, often rain, furniture should be placed in front of the window, so as not to damp in the rainy weather,

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